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Shashi Tharoor and Indian Farmers


Member of Parliament and Congress leader Shashi Tharoor on 10 March introduced ANTI-DISCRIMINATION AND EQUALITY BILL, 2016 in the Lok Sabha.

The safeguards offered by the Indian Constitution to citizens against discrimination by state and non-state actors today, seem to be not effective. Congress MP Shashi Tharoor’s Anti-Discrimination and Equality Bill, 2016, was recently introduced in the Lok Sabha.

ANTI-DISCRIMINATION AND EQUALITY BILL, 2016 does not care to recognize, leave aside address discrimination and unequal treatment to farmers. The state has been the discriminator and has plundered agriculture and rural economy for more than six decades through an array of legal and procedural arrangements.



In support I quote Sharad Joshi in VISIONARIES OF A NEW “BHARAT”

1.Planning in India was based on strategies calculated to deny farmers legitimate price through deployment of a large number of tactics including bans and restriction on commodity export, dumping of agricultural produce form abroad in the domestic market, restrictions on trade, movement and processing, compulsory levy procurement at prices at inadequate levels and high exchange rates.

2.The above-mentioned anti-farmer polices in the
last six decades caused erosion of agricultural land, capital and high levels of income disparity between the agrarian sector vis-à-vis the non-agrarian sector.

3. …the Essential Commodities Act was used deliberately as an instrument of depressing agricultural prices and obstruct the progress of Indian agriculture.

4.The Act also encouraged dumping of imported commodities in the Indian market, thereby causing further losses to Indian farmers.

Mr. Tharoor, can we expect your bill to address these issues? The essential commodities act, the land ceiling act and the land acquisition act today are the major tools of the LEGAL PLUNDER of farmers, their discrimination and unequal treatment today.

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