Liberal Altrnatives


Background of the BIRD


We will discuss following elements in detail. Your kind remarks, suggestions and arguments for and against BIRD are welcome. Kindly feel free to engage!

Situation is rapidly moving towards increasing following to strong collectivist/  fanatic/ intolerant / criminal /authoritarian /Luddite / violent reactions, protests etc

  1. Nehru-Mahalnobis policy- socialistic approach-extraction of capital from agriculture-
  2. Bharat-India divide
  3. Adverse terms of trade
  4. Continued bleeding of the rural economy
  5. Blocked exit
  6. Centralization of power in state, administration and political parties
  7. Corrupt and inefficient beurocracy
  8. Poor law and order, judiciary
  9. A few/ non-existent democratic institutions
  10. Farmers suicides,  morchas and agitations in farming communities
  11. Controls on resources, investment,  markets, technology,
  12. Poor infra, capital, insurance, labor, tools, equipment
  13. Pathetic education, health, civic facilities, transport
  14. Unemployment
  15. Irrelevant political leadership
  16. Climate change, droughts, floods
  17. Burden of India’s dreams
  18. Even today the plunder continues
  19. Indebtedness, Agricultural loans and power bills,
  20. Other laws
  21. Infrastructure
  22. Agricultural commodities- continued global decline in prices

Low endurance

Need a Marshall Plan

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