Liberal Altrnatives


Dhruv Mankad has described the major deficit in Indian Liberalization:

Congratulations on a very precise description of rural economy!!

Commenting on my Facebook post on Niranjan Rajadhyaksha’s article in Livemint, Dhruv Mankad has humbly described the major deficit in Indian Liberalization in few words:

An excellent article…only missing points are (both in the article and in the reforms): 1. Creating capital inflow into agriculture as an industry was not taken care of even under the reform except in a few pockets but not as a policy 2. Creating a systematic Human capital outflow into urban – industry out of rural agriculture. China policymakers made serious efforts of linking FDI and taking human capital base further. Also, continued with absorbing surplus labor in urban and backyard industry. It also probably failed in agriculture industry keeping pace of food production with all the other commodities. This is my lay person’s economic analysis. 

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