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कुणाच्या खांदयावर कुणाचे ओझे

Today, after almost 7 decades of independence, the existing policy dynamics has taken a toll on rural India. The villages take a backseat in almost every aspect of socio-economic analysis. We have created an economy of rich cities and poor villages, surging urban areas and decaying rural areas.

1. India (68%) continues to live in villages.
2. The GDP Composition over time has reduced considerably.
3. Rural Livelihood & Employment is scary.
4. Nearly 26% of rural India is poor, compared to a meager 13.7% in urban areas.
5. Rural literacy rate and school attendance: much lower than the urban (more so for Women, SCs and STs).
6. Health Indicators – The same story continues: infant mortality, anemia:, and a long list of indicators.
7. Access to basic services: Rural India always takes a backseat.

(Writer: Athreya Mukunthan is an economist by training and works in the Public Policy Research Group at the Public Affairs Centre Bangalore. He has written a comprehensive article comparing urban and rural development in India. His findings are listed here.)

CSLRA has blogged on his article on FACTLY:

The original article is also available at:…/

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